Bộ truyền dẫn tín hiệu không dây Suntor ST5023PRO

  • Nhà sản xuất: Suntor
  • Bộ truyền tín hiệu khoảng cách xa 35Km
  • Phù hợp sử dụng trong môi trường đồi núi, kho bãi, ven biển.
  • Sử dụng kết hợp với angtena parabol. Bộ truyền dẫn chưa bao gồm angtena.
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Bộ truyền dẫn tín hiệu không dây Suntor ST5023PRO khoảng cách 35Km

5 GHz 35KM point-to-point integrated/connectorized back haul device

SUNTOR unleashes its highest capacity, license-free PTP device with the release of the ST5023PRO series product line. Making use of ground breaking 2×2 MIMO technology, the ST5023PRO delivers real aggregate throughputcapability of up to 220 Mbps (110 Mbps full-duplex) combined with high packets-per-second performance. This product enables carrier-class point-to-point capability, ideal for dedicated access or back haul applications (including VOIP or other small packet applications). The SUNTOR PTP PRO product family couples flexible channel width capability (20 or 40 MHz) and industry-leading pro-prietary software mechanisms to set the utmost standard in spectral efficiency. The ST5023PRO product features an integrated dual-polarized antenna (or 2 N-type connectors for the 5-N product) and is housed in a rugged, cast aluminum enclosure.

The ST5023PRO showcases an array of advanced software mechanisms that provide optimal point-to-point connectivity for high-throughput, long distance links. SUNTOR’s proprietary PTP mechanisms utilize techniques such as Dynamic Time Division Duplexing (TDD) to dynamically allocate bandwidth in the direction needed, thus increasing link efficiency and greatly decreasing the impact that distance has on throughput of the link.

The SUNTOR point-to-point products also feature selective repeat ARQ technology, an enhanced error-correction software mechanism that optimizes data traffic to provide very high throughput over high-bandwidth, long-range links even in the presence of interference.

The new PRO series products have an extremely powerful integrated radio 32 dB (1600 mW) which allows building solid long-distance links even with an integrated antenna. The output power on lowest modulation (MCS 15) is 27 dBi which is not available on the market today.

Gigabit Ethernet port and 802.3 af standard support makes Pro series product line even more professional. Im-provements on the SURGE and ESD protection side make this product ideal for mission critical and harsh-weather condition installations. SURGE and ESD protection was de-signed according to IEC 61000-4-2 (ESD) and IEC 61000-4-5 (SURGE) standards.

The ST5023PRO is also compatible with SUNTOR online link calculator and WNMS, a centralized configuration, firmware, and statistics server offered by SUNTOR for carrier class diagnostic and configuration.


Suntor ST5023PRO


Wireless standard Wireless technology :proprietary point to point communication protocol,2×2 MIMO
Work mod :point to point
wireless frequency : 5.15-5.915 GHz
The highest transmitting power:28(+/-2)dBm
  Antenna Type: built-in 23dBi panel directional antenna (ST5023PRO)
Gain (Vertical/horizontal):23/23 dBi(ST5023PRO)
Data interface Physical interface:10/100/1000 Base-T
Interfact type :RJ45
Surge protection :built-in  IEC 6100-4-2(ESD)and IEC 6100-4-5(Surge)
Performance of Data Link throughput capacity
:220 Mbps total (110 Mbps full duplex)
The highest data packet processing speed:60,000 packet/second
Data  packet delay: two milliseconds (64 – byte data packet)
Recommended link distance:( ST5023PRO)35 KM (LOS )
Physical characteristics size(ST5023PRO):  width: 335 mm , height: 335 mm , depth 90 mm .                                     
Weight :(ST5023PRO):3.3 kg(Including installation components)
Power input :9 – 48 V DC , PoE
power consumption:8 W
Environmet Operating temperature : -40°C ~ +65°C
Operating humidity: 0 ~ 90 %
management Install auxiliary:OLED Screen display and voice prompt
System configuration interface: User friendly WEB graphics interface, SSH CLI, SNMP v1/2/3 c, central remote control management system
Management system:  WNMS (wireless network management system), WNMS cloud
IP code IP-67

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