Suntor ST5812H Bộ truyền dẫn tín hiệu không dây 1-3km

  • Bộ thu phát khoảng cách từ 1-3Km
  • Trọn Bộ bao gồm 1 bộ truyền và 1 bộ nhận
  • Bảo hành: 12 tháng
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Bộ thu phát không dây Suntor ST5812H khoảng cách 1-3km

5GHz outdoor 3km wireless CPE ethernet bridge

Suntor ST5812H 2

Suntor ST5812H

Bộ truyền tải Video không dây 5GHz chuyên dùng trong thang máy.
Băng thông tối đa lên đến: 300Mbps.
Khoảng cách truyền dẫn từ 1-3KM.
Nguồn điện cung cấp: 48VAC/ 0.25A
Chức năng cấp nguồn qua mạng PoE.
Bao gồm: 1 bộ phát và 1 bộ thu.G5

ST5812H follows 802.11an protocol and operates in 5GHz band It has wireless routing and bridge functionality to provide high-performance wireless relay links for WLAN base stations with higher transmission rates and farther distances. Supporting for various network functions makes ST5812H suitable for a variety of application scenarios.

Easy installation and brief configuration interface makes ST5812H can quickly deploy and begin services. CPE series products are positioned to solve the WLAN weak coverage area or edge area of the terminal access problems Meanwhile to maximize the coverage of the WLAN base station. ST5812H has 500mW transmit power and 15dBi high gain built-in antenna, which makes the terminal transmit power can cover large coverage.


  • Brief English operation interface
  • Built-in 15db 5Ghz dual-polarized antenna
  • Transmit Power up to 23dBm
  • Receiving sensitivity up to -100dBm to guarantee long range and high quality signal transmission.
  • Ethernet port support auxiliary backup use or independent use

Suntor ST5812H 3


ardware Parameter
 Interface 2*10/100M Ethernet port
1* Main Ethernet port
1*Sub Ethernet port
POE power supply
Indicator light Power state light
4 grade signal strength light
LAN light
MODE light
Working frequency 5.125-5.850GHz
Core AR9344
Standard IEEE 802.a/n
RF power Max 23dbm (500mw), Adjustable by software
Rate Max 300Mbps
Modulation 802.n: 2x2MIMO
802.a: OFDM, 6Mbps-95dBm
801.n MCS0:-88dBmMCS7: -73dBm
Antenna Dual polarization 15dbiHorizontal: 60 degreeVertical: 15 degree
Reset Support
Size 9*6.4*24.7cm
Weight 0.29Kg
Packing size 36*14*7.5cm
Packing weight 0.72kg
Input voltage Wide voltage input DC 11V-24V
Power ≤8W
Waterproof grade IP66
Working temperature -20℃~+65℃
Saving temperature -40℃~+80℃
Working humidity 0~100%
Item Description
Software Parameter
Working mode Route mode: Clients instead of all terminal approve
Bridge mode: Individual approve for each clients
Network protocol PPTP, L2TP, IPsec
DHCP Client/Server
VLAN setting
Wireless function Nearest station sense/ Channel scan
Prior AP setting (BSSID)
Auto channel select
Security policy Encryption: -WEP,TKIP,AES
Wireless safety:Open system, share ID keyWPA/WPA-PSKWPA2/WPA2-PSK802.1x(PEAP,TLS,TTLS)WAPI
Approve function:WEN account/ passwordPPPoERoute modeClients instead of all terminal approveBridge modeIndividual client approveMulti-clients with individual potal approve
Network protection firewall
Support network rate-limiting
MAC address visiting control
System service Support virtual DMZ, port forwarding.
Support UPnP auto port map
Support VPN unvarnished transmission (PPTP, L2TP, IPSec)
WDS Support
Configuration management Based on WEB, CPE built-in WEB server
Remote software update (HTTP)
Support Telnet connect
Support syslog system record
Support SSH service
Fault diagnosis Auto network state detection, Re-connect when cut off

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